Test Bakery

Testing is an important factor in the baking industry to achieve quality. We understand you want to guarantee quality to your customers, but it’s important to consider how product and machine work together when it comes to your new or existing products. That’s why we offer an on-site test bakery, staffed with experienced master bakers. Our master bakers’ knowledge goes deeper than just baking. They also have an excellent understanding of industrial baking lines and machines. They work with you to ensure your product gets the right baking production process, and with us to ensure we design and build the right (custom) components and production lines for your products.


With your product as our foundation, we start with the craft of the machine design and execute tests together until we are happy with the total outcome. We advise testing when, for example, you intend to make the switch from handmade to machine-made production. Or when you are developing a new product for production. Testing enables us to better combine product knowledge with machine knowledge. The end result is a high-quality, custom-made industrial production line just for you.


It’s our goal to give you the best bakery production lines and machinery to ensure your baked goods are produced the way you want; with the quality you want. Would you like to carry out a test in collaboration with our master bakers in our test bakery? Contact us today and discover the possibilities.