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The Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family has a long and successful history of tailor-made development, engineering and production solutions for the food industry. Our labels – BVT Dough Process Solutions, NewCap Industrial Handling Solutions, Vacuum Cooling & Baking Solutions and Bakepack End of Line Solutions – hold a strong, established position in the industrial baking market, thanks to our innovative culture and creative turn-key solutions. Because we are independent, we can fulfil any of your (brand-specific) industrial baking line or equipment needs. For example, we can combine four lines or even supply a different grouping.


At Verhoeven, we say what we do and do what we say. We offer you consultation and coordination services, project management and peace of mind. You get high-end producti­on lines and state-of-the-art machines, designed and developed in house by experienced, creative specialists. Dedicated people who are like family to us and who go out of their way for you.


Like to discover more about our specialists and what they can do for your industrial bakery? Read more about them below.



The durable machines from BVT Dough Process Solutions come into play after your dough has been mixed and is ready for further processing which includes lamination, sheeting and make up. Our robust, industrial processing machines are tailor made to your specifications and production needs. From processing dough for donuts and breads to croissants, pizzas, and more.


At BVT Dough Process Solutions, we work with you to discover the best ways to carry out your line processes in relation to your processing needs. We are passionate about our business and craft, and we thoroughly enjoy bringing those to customers all over the world.


NewCap Industrial Handling Solutions offers solutions for the handling of your bread and pastry products from beginning to end. From proofing to cooling to freezing.


We are specialized in custom building line components that work with your new and/or existing processes. Together with you, we focus on your product, needs, product quality and budget to come up with the smartest and most efficient way forward. Think about integrated robotics, dough proofing systems, ovens, depanners, coolers, software and after-sales solutions.


At NewCap Industrial handling Solutions, we love a good challenge! We are masters at combining your wishes and needs with the right handling solutions. We share your passion and take it with us all around the globe.


Vacuum Cooling and Baking Solutions is the world market leader in Vacuum Cooling and Baking systems for industrial bakeries.
Vacuum Cooling and Baking is a revolutionary technique resulting in significant improvements of the baking process and its final products. Due to the manipulation of the air pressure, the baking point can be reduced to just several degrees Celsius.
As a result of this technique, time, space and energy is saved in the baking and cooling process. The product quality and stability improves, and extension of the shelf-life is obtained. We offer the system as a batch operation or as custom made in-line continuous industrial solution.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Approx 30% reduction of the par-baking time and 80% of the final baking time
  • Approx 30% increase of the oven production capacity
  • Production cost reduction per unit
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Improved volume stability of the product
  • Less additives needed for the production resulting in a healthier product
  • Longer shelf life due to extreme reduction of the contamination phase


Bakepack End of Line Solutions, part of the Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family, are specialized in total system integration for packaging lines in the bakery industry. Our experienced specialists have a deep understanding of today’s line processes and product handling.


In addition to offering effective project management, we custom design an industrial end of line solutions that is specific to your needs. Specifically, we purchase or produce the components required for packaging bread & pastry products products of any desired A-brand and connect the separate systems to each other. In the end, your systems function efficiently as one cohesive packaging line.