BVT Dough Process solutions is a specialist in custom-made laminating, sheeting and make-up lines for the bakery industry. We are part of Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family, a subsidiary of Verhoeven Family of Companies.


Up to the end of the 1990s, Verhoeven produced components as a white label company for Rijkaart Sasib, a leading manufacturer of production lines for the bakery industry, on an as-needed basis. Rijkaart Sasib stopped production in the Netherlands in the late nineties. It was at that time that three key Rijkaart Sasib employees – Dick Bassa, Peter Vos and Frans Temminck – approached Verhoeven. They knew the make up and sheeting business inside and out, and saw an opportunity to continue in their profession with Verhoeven. Always open to new expansion possibilities, Verhoeven saw true value in the offer of Bassa, Vos and Temminck, and set up a new company around that www in 2001: BVT Bakery Services BV.


Under the name BVT Dough Process Solutions, we became known quickly in the industry for our high-quality sales, development, production and delivery of complete custom-made production lines. The former Rijkaart Sasib employees brought with them a distinct knowledge of the bakery industry, product and processes, which fit like a glove with Verhoeven’s line manufacturing expertise. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength.